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We provide all the water quality data you need to build new products and grow your business

New sensing technology for new products

A image of a laser striking a water sample in a lab

Sense 1.0


Measurements in real-time of the most important water quality parameters such as Nitrate, Sulfate, Phosphate, Microplastics, E-coli.


Insights augmented by predictive analytics for improving productivity through the dashboard.


Sensors with close to zero maintenance and self calibration, set and forget.

Tomato plants being grown in a greenhouse with a person in the background.

Data Platform


Our sensors instantly push data to the cloud - access your actionable insights online.


Watergenics' network of sensors and Platform make environmental liability compliance easy to achieve. We provide tailored solutions for aquaculture insurance, in particular.


Our AI models analyse patterns in your data to help you improve your harvest and detect problems early.

The dashboad shown on a smartphone wiht plants in the background

Key Benefits

Real time water quality data

Actionable insights

Data analytics

Crop protection

The dashboad shown on a smartphone with plants in the background

Unique Benefits

High accuracy at effective cost

Predictive analytics based on sensor networking

Crop harvest prediction


Liviu Mantescu

Dr. Liviu Mantescu

Founder & CEO

15 years environmental economics research at Max Planck, UC Berkeley, Advisory EU Commission

Camille van Hoffelen

Camille van Hoffelen

Co-founder & CTO

10 years in ML & Data Sci., Imperial College, DocuSign

Cristian Serb

Cristian Serb

Co-founder & Tech Lead

20 years developing full-stack solutions at Home eat Home, SolarisBank, Fyber

Priscilla Arthur

Priscilla Arthur

Water Engineering & Hydrogeology

Materials engineering Honors, KNUST Technische Universität Berlin

Sawaiz Syed

Sawaiz Syed

Lead Sensor Engineer

12 years hardware development, high energy physics at GSU, Smartwins, Kolibri

Ya-Ning Hsu

Ya-Ning Hsu

Front-End Engineering

Stream Lab, German Trade office in Taipei, National Chi Nan Univ.